Organizational Excellence is achieved through the presence of these elements and the consistent repetition of this cycle.


Our Methodology

Faro shines a light, focusing on a complete deployment with our clients.  We guide our clients through their journey, connecting purpose, people, and process for unlimited performance by discovering what is important, developing that into actionable deployment and ensuring everything is based in agreement and accountability for the vision of your future.

How do the 4 P's benefit your organization?

Focusing only on process improvement will result in unsustainable change.  Without considering Purpose and People before Process, we cannot realize the desired Performance that moves the organization forward.

How do the 3 D's benefit your organization?
Leaders have a deep and powerful internalized vision for the future.  They often struggle to communicate this vision to their teams.  In our work together we help organizations Discover, Develop and Deploy their vision.

How do the 2 A's benefit your organization?
Lack of accountability is the #1 barrier to organizational excellence.  There can be no agreement without clear communication and understanding.  Once we have Agreement, involved parties can participate in the Accountability cycles. 

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Interview With A FARO Partner

Who does FARO work with typically?

We work with clients ranging from $4MM to $40B. What every organization has in common, no matter the size is the scope of influence.  Our work recognizes the importance of Purpose, People, Process, and Performance that results when everything comes together.  We work from the perspective of functional and relational processes.  This is both scalable and transferable across functions, divisions, geography, and culture.  We know because we have delivered unbelievable results around the world. 

What results do your clients get?

By addressing all four elements of a complete deployment; Strategy, Leadership, Management, and Performance Improvement, solutions tap into current organizational knowledge, and connect them to accountability for that very purpose. The transformation has three significant phases.  First we see processes become reliable in their performance.  Stable and predictable outcomes are evident in this phase.  The second phase is responsive.  The process team becomes aware of the internal and external factors impacting performance and when significant events shift these factors, the team responds with changes to counter these potential disruptions.  The third phase is resilience.  The team becomes capable of responding to greater and greater threats to continued operation.  Recently, one executive we have served indicated that his team responded to the pandemic in a way that allowed them to continue operating without losing any production, and put them in a significant position to increase market share as their competitors failed in the face of this significant disruption.  The consistent comment from our clients is ‘we didn’t believe it was possible.”

What kind of leaders are a good fit for Faro Partners?

The characteristic that our clients have that lead them to success is a willingness to start with themselves.  When leaders can look at themselves as the example of change, the organization can follow. When leaders suggest change is what everyone else requires, change will never be realized on the scale that is possible.  Are you ready for the challenge?

What is the Faro Advantage?

Based in the concepts of Lean or Operational Excellence, The Faro Advantage goes beyond the limits of a typical incomplete deployment.  The traditional view that lean is limited to manufacturing and operations processes goes back to the early days of its deployment in the western world.  When the concepts come together in a complete deployment, Strategy/Purpose feeds the Management/Process systems where accountability by Leadership and People is born. The resulting focus of the accountability solves the right problems at the right time in a never ending cycle of Performance Improvement.  This business philosophy is translated across all functions, and all levels, and all processes to create an organization of excellence.  So, call it what you want, Lean, Operational Excellence, OpEx, Continuous Improvement, Process Improvement, Performance Improvement, it doesn’t matter to me, each version is attempting to accomplish the same result – process performance excellence in every possible part of the organization.  The tools are the same, the thinking is the same, the work is the same, it just repeats and is interpreted for every new context and to meet any new objective. When you get it right, you have the Faro Advantage.