At FARO PARTNERS we believe in
Organizational Excellence, 
a complete deployment. 

Faro Partners is a seasoned group of subject matter experts and business coaches that have worked in high levels of many corporations with management, leadership training, and process optimization. When Faro Partners steps in to guide a business, we create a tailor-made plan.

Unlike other consulting firms that give you boilerplate solutions, Faro Partners unites your Purpose, People, and Process to meet your most ambitious Performance goals.

Leadership is Personal.  Influence is about relationship.
With each company, we provide the training to equip your leaders to perform at a higher capacity, communicate at the right moments, and effectively manage their teams. We don’t stop there. We facilitate, coach, and guide the leader to execute and apply the new knowledge, creating Leadership Presence that influences and inspires teams and people throughout the organization.


In late 2018, Faro Partners Founding Member Audie Penn began to explore coming together with a group of like minded executives who shared similar values.  We discussed how to deliver greater value to clients as a group rather than individual consultants and coaches.  In March of 2019, Faro Partners was launched.  We have worked from our values and delivered to our clients what we all believed was possible.  We have added new partners along the way.  When we meet new people with the same values, it is difficult not to join forces.  Today, we continue to serve our clients out of  a depth of experience rarely seen in larger global firms.  Our work is about experience - we want you to experience what is possible.

Ricardo Molano Nieto

Ricardo Molano Nieto has worked with individuals and teams to increase performance for 25+ years.  He skillfully facilitates a range topics including influence, conflict, identity and emotional intelligence. He has deep and direct experience with core elements of the employee life-cycle: recruiting, onboarding, including, developing and outsourcing. He is an Advanced Facilitator for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business top MBA elective and globally renown “Interpersonal Dynamics” course.  Additionally, he delivers cultural transformation, leadership and allyship courses globally at Microsoft, Thyssenkrupp Mexico, and Github, among others.  He has worked extensively in the hi-tech, bio-tech, academic /not-for profit and manufacturing arenas. Through Faro Partners, Ricardo guides individuals to integrate their drive for performance with foundational relationship skills. 

Audie Penn
Consulting Operations

Audie Penn has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing industries including Heavy Equipment, Food, and Building Materials.  In his role as Operations Executive he was responsible for multiple manufacturing positions including: Group Manager of the North American Assembly Operations for Hydraulic Excavators, Caterpillar, Inc.; General Manager North American Operations, Manitowoc Cranes (multiple plant responsibilities); and Plant Manager for other organizations.  In 2016 he created Audie Penn Consulting, a firm specializing in the deployment and execution of Operational Excellence.  Then in 2019 he joined forces with a group of global executives to form Faro Partners.   Mr. Penn is a Certified Lean Practitioner at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels through the Lean Alliance: Association of Manufacturing Excellence, The Shingo Institute, and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  He is experienced in global operations, having worked in China, Europe, and Central, South, and North America. 

Wendi Ezgur
Strategy and Innovation

Wendi Ezgur brings over 30 years of experience in helping global companies and start-ups alike to strategically differentiate themselves through new product development, service innovation, and branding. Wendi has facilitated strategy and idea generation sessions for top companies all over the world and is said to 'double the ideas and energy in any room’. Her innovation firm, Leadhead Inc., has worked with companies including Disney, Kraft, Pepsi, Blue Cross Blue Shield, XM Radio and Capital One.  Ezgur coaches to ensure strategy and innovation are woven throughout every aspect of Faro’s work with its clients.

Nikki Armstrong
Project Management

Nikki Armstrong is an executive consultant, mentor and coach. For 30 years, she has brought practical insight in utilizing proven processes and tools for managing projects, improving processes, leading teams and increasing productivity.  She has worked with hundreds of companies across multiple continents in divers industries including Agriculture, Biotech, Building Material, Energy, Finance, Health Care, IT, and Manufacturing.  She enjoys guiding people to reach their goals by empowering them to overcome limitations, strengthen relationships and improve productivity.

Shawn Driscoll


Shawn began his work in Human Resources from an angle many executives can appreciate – as the Controller with a well-known firearms manufacturer. After two acquisitions, he moved wholly into the Vice President of HR role where he led his team across 5 brands in 3 states. Over his tenure with this organization Shawn created and headed execution of programs that supported a revenue increase of 1500% and total employment rise of 700%. He found himself working side-by-side with cross-functional teams and external consultants to create value-driven results in an often-time tumultuous political environment.  Now he enjoys working with his partners at Faro, assisting business leaders in creating high-functioning teams through leadership training and effective strategy creation/execution. He embraces the belief that we can only reach our highest potential when we are able to provide great resources to remarkable people in a culture in which we can all thrive. Listening to understand, facilitating open conversation, and assuring that goals are communicated with clarity are foundational piers in Shawn’s advisory services.  

Luis Oropeza

Consulting Operations

Luis Oropeza is a senior executive with a reputation for leading organizations to achieve extraordinary results.  Throughout his 33 years in the building construction material industry and three international assignment, he has developed a rich portfolio of practices and experiences to improve any business model.  His continuous improvement focus and emphasis on developing leaders and self-motivated teams are key strategies to his success.  Luis believes that creating the right employee environment through applying lean concepts and coaching as a leadership style are integral to any organizations success.  This approach encourages teams to challenge themselves with aspirational goals.  Luis is a Six Sigma Black Belt with certifications from Caterpillar, and the University of Villanova.  Luis also holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University.

Faro Partners
Karl Watson, Jr - CEO

“Faro Partners, in a very short amount of time, embedded themselves within our organization as a trusted insider and not simply an advisor. They are both strategic and tactical and have a unique ability to connect equally well at all levels in an organization – from board room to boiler room. They never dilutes their message, never “dumbs it down”, just alters the presentation for the audience. On top of all that, they are just a pleasure to be around and this gives them the ability to push their clients hard, and they love them for doing so.”


Faro Partners
Bryan Kalbfleisch - President

“Over my career, I’ve been through several “lean” programs, but what stuck out about Faro’s program and approach was their ability to reach across several lines of business at the same time, and help us create specific, strategic improvements while building in accountability. They taught us to think about lean in a different way, that it’s not just about shaving seconds/minutes off of our processes. They taught us about how leadership fits into process improvement, and how we must challenge ourselves as managers/leaders. I noticed quickly that they connects with all levels of the organization. FARO’s wide breadth of experience and knowledge are a huge asset.”


Clients We've Worked With